Cloud Services


Our Cloud Services includes our enhanced offsite data storage and our per user, prepay email service.

Offsite Storage

Equipment failure and data loss can affect any business, a local backup solution may provide some relief in the form of simple recovery of files, folder, and email data, but may be insufficient to address total loss.

Our Offsite Back-up Solution provides comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity even in the event of total server failure

  • Daily Automatic Backup, non-intrusive backup of data without user action or IT intervention
  • Restorable at any point
  • Ensure Access to Important Data... Even When Disaster Strikes
  • Patented data reduction and duplication Significantly reduces backup time and required Internet bandwidth
  • Restore files up to 60 days old
  • Flexible Scheduling- All back-ups are scheduled out of hours


Office 365 Emails

This service provides your staff with access to Microsoft's top Exchange email service without the hassle of  having a mail server. Users can subscribe to an Email only account or a fully comprehensive service compiled of all of Microsoft Office services.

Services includes

  • Office Suite
  • Office on PCs, Tablets & Smart Phones
  • File Storage & Sharing
  • HD Video conferencing and more