Case Studies

Case Study 1

Client needed to connect four buildings on a campus. As it was a heritage site the client was unable to uproot the pavements to ground the cable. The distance between buildings also ruled out using cables via poles.


Ubiquiti transfer receiver used to connect access points between buildings, ensured correct model was used giving enough signal output, with enough error connection built in enabling data to be transferred without interruption

Case Study 2

Client had mixture of various make and model PCs with Windows XP and Windows 7Pro. PCs were very slowly or completely failed, clogged with dusk with untidy cables


Removed all the cables and PCs, replaced with All-in-one PCS that sits desk with wireless keyboards and mouse. The users were very happy, as they now have faster and quieter pcs to work with, and no clutter of cables due to wireless keyboards and mouse

Case Study 3

Main build was too far for data cable- on the out building office, client needed data connection and access control for door entry and cctv.


We used Ubitiquiti technology to link both buildings with relevant termination on both sides of the link. This was then made possible to feed the various data for systems i.e. CCTV, door entry and internet